• TASTY - S/T (CASS)
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SDR018 Release Date: 3/28/17

50+ years after the LOLLIPOP SHOPPE was possessed by demons from the fiery eternity, those same demons are still succeeding in helping the next generation of diehard, snotty-nosed kids get their guidance on how to make the most of their split-second on Earth. Ian Graham fronts this buzzsaw duo with the kind of pissed off 'tude that helps people survive in times like these. TASTY goes full-blown bass mayhem on their Superdreamer debut.

"..short bursts of concentrated energy being ricocheted off of dingy Midwestern basement walls that would make Phil Specter speculate how two people can possibly fill so much sonic space." -Ghettoblaster Magazine

​​​​​​​"A damn fun record." - Impose Magazine

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