Day Creeper - Central States (LP)
  • Day Creeper - Central States (LP)
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Released 3/28/15

Day Creeper is an antidote. They’re X-ray vision through the bullshit. Here on their second LP, Central States, Aaron Troyer and gang acutely deliver their smartest set of unhinged, basement-born punk rock yet. It probably helps that this is their initial barrage as a four-piece, with a second guitar that sends them to complete power-mode, but something still feels more right than ever before. There’s effortlessness abound here: the melodies, the infectious sarcasm, the whole damn thing is like they were born to make this record.

"Lots of non-teen pop construction underpinning their raunch projections." -Bull Tongue Review

“A new LP ripe with compelling hooks and robust songs, richly drenched with pure Midwest pop.” -Victim Of Time

"The ten burns on this record blister forth with such resolute chord burstin’ dark snot zeal, it’s like falling in love all over again" -Fuckin’ Record Reviews

"This quartet, here on their 2nd lp (they’ve got a few singles, too) come at it straight ahead with a minimum of bullshit" -Dagger Zine

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