The Pink Owl - Sub-Psychic Souvenirs (CASS)
  • The Pink Owl - Sub-Psychic Souvenirs (CASS)
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Released 9/19/15

The Pink Owl has made a cassette which stands outside of everything that's going on. It's some mutant form of glam and folk and rocknroll scrambled together by a modern-version of an Ego-Summit-type punk, recorded mostly on a four track with plenty of Echoplex, jangly guitars, and sneering attitude. The songs cut in and out and splash together as if you've received the only copy straight from the Pink Owl's pocket. There's buckets of bedroom Bolan here folks, but it's wearin' cowboy boots and it's been shot a billion miles into space.

The Pink Owl fronted a total-freak-rocknroll band in Columbus, Ohio called Red Feathers for the few years leading up to this release. The Pink Owl is set to release a full-band follow-up to this album at the end of 2016.

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